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Easy to Access

Abledit is cloud based school ecosystem.
Abledit is aviable on andriod and ios
School just need Internet connection to access to abledit

Cost Effective

Abledit is free for schools,teachers,parents,and students.
Abledit can save up to 5 lac in one year
and school can earn up to 2 lac in a year*.

Easy to Learn

Any School can implment Abledit with simple steps
Abledit is design for teacher ,parents and non teaching staff
Online and offline Support Available


Meets all requirements of the Indian Law
"On Personal Data" Registration by invitation only
codes Storing data under the clock security and monitoring

Cloud Features Abledit Other Cloud Application Old Application
Storage Unlimited Limited Limited
Cost Free
Rely on Internet
Communication Collaboration
Remote Access
Rely on Internet
Software Upgrade
Software Installation
Need Training
Data Safety

School Features Abledit Other Cloud Application Old Application
Online Admission
School Based Social Network
Mobile App
Parent Teacher Comm.
SMS Update
Attendance Analysis

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