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How to Connect

1. Apply for Connection :-

Any CBSE Board syllabus following school personnel may apply for connection in Abledit home page Connecting and Using is completely free.

Please appoint one person who is going to handle as Admin user (maximum authority )

2. Confirm your email id & mobile
    of appointee (admin user) :-

You have received your login details and the registration of the school. Visit the login page and enter the data into the appropriate fields.

3. Configure the school :-

After activation, you must configure your school. The configuration process is described in detail in the manual:

You can find configuration Mannual from 'Help' from your dashboard

Questions and Answers
1) What do I need to connect to the school?
It is necessary to appoint an administrator, which will connect new users and manage the school work in the Does not require any software installation, or to purchase additional equipment. Work in the Journal from any computer connected to the Internet.

2) How much is the connection?
Connecting schools to the Abledit free of charge.

3) What is the monthly fee?
Access to the Abledit is available without a subscription fee and without any other charges.

4) How much data can be stored ?
School can be stored unlimited amount of data in

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